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Hello! my name is jack


Technology entrepreneur, startup cofounder, software engineer and engineering manager with a strong focus on innovation, building high performing teams, systems architecture and mobile products. I specialise in Android development with over 8 years of experience, from Cupcake to Oreo.

Worked on various award-winning apps with millions of users around the world.





Upshot is a photo sharing app for events and group nights out. 


Key Features:

  • Automatic detection of new photos and videos taken from any camera app
  • Automatic background uploading of all photos and video taken from any camera app during preset event time
  • Automatic time based activation and deactivation to capture "nights out"
  • Auto content deletion after preset time (7 days)
  • Likes, comments, stickers

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Togethera is a private social network for your family, partner & closest friends.



Key Features:

  • Share photos, videos, emoji reactions and comments
  • Share across multiple groups in a single tap
  • Full offline support, even content creation (online sync when connectivity regained)
  • Low-res and High-res uploads
  • Premium membership with enhanced functionality
  • Realtime in-app updates
  • Featured by Apple and Google in over 100 countries

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Proximity meets contextual relevance


  • The TapTo Proximity Platform helps businesses build engaging mobile experiences powered by proximity and contextual relevance.
  • As the technical lead I was responsible the technical roadmaps and designed an architecture to meet product and business needs.
  • Conducted development work across the entire stack:
    • Back End Services: Consisted of several RESTful APIs built with Ruby on Rails and NodeJS/Express
    • Mobile SDKs: Built for Android, iOS and Blackberry to wrap platform APIs, provide consistentUI templates and wrappers for our own APIs
    • Web Front End: Management Dashboard and Analytics Platform built with AngularJS
    • Databases: PostgreSQL as our main data store and MongoDB in a few places where relevant (such as Analytics)
    • Infrastructure: Front end static sites stored in Amazon S3, back end services split across Heroku and AWS EC2 behind AWS ELB.
  • Platforms, Tools & Languages Used
    • Java, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Objective-C, Android, iOS, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Memcache, AWS EC2, AWS Route53, AWS S3, AWS ELB, Heroku, MongoHQ,, Bootstrap, AngularJS, JQuery, Bower, Yeoman, GruntJS


Instant WiFi access with a single NFC tap



  • Lead from proof of concept stage through to MVP, trials, pivots and live rollouts.
  • Defined technical roadmaps and designed solutions to meet business needs.
  • Researched, evaluated and implemented suitable technologies and 3rd party services.
  • Combined technical development with product design and business development.
  • Developed across the whole stack.


Follow a live stream of photos by location throughout time or by current time across the globe


Mobile wallet for vouchers and loyalty cards, powered by NFC & QR

yell for bikes

Helping you find your nearest Boris Bike station