Hello, my name is

Jack Wall

and I am a

Mobile & Platform Developer

About Me

A proficient programmer with a creative streak and an eye for business, I enjoy taking an innovative approach to solving the business problems of tomorrow. With a passion for crafting excellent user experiences, coupled with an ability to apply cutting edge solutions, I always look to push mobile technology to its limit.



TapTo Proximity Platform

  • Proximity meets contextual relevance - The TapTo Proximity Platform helps businesses build engaging mobile experiences powered by proximity and contextual relevance.
  • As the technical lead I was responsible the technical roadmaps and designed an architecture to meet product and business needs.
  • Conducted development work across the entire stack:
    • Back End Services: Consisted of several RESTful APIs built with Ruby on Rails and NodeJS/Express
    • Mobile SDKs: Built for Android, iOS and Blackberry to wrap platform APIs, provide consisten UI templates and wrappers for our own APIs
    • Web Front End: Management Dashboard and Analytics Platform built with AngularJS
    • Databases: PostgreSQL as our main data store and MongoDB in a few places where relevant (such as Analytics)
    • Infrastructure: Front end static sites stored in Amazon S3, back end services split across Heroku and AWS EC2 behind AWS ELB.
  • Platforms, Tools & Languages Used
    • Java, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Objective-C, Android, iOS, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Memcache, AWS EC2, AWS Route53, AWS S3, AWS ELB, Heroku, MongoHQ, Keen.io, Bootstrap, AngularJS, JQuery, Bower, Yeoman, GruntJS



Yell Labs


Yell Labs

Yell For Bikes

Yell Labs


  • Lead from proof of concept stage through to MVP, trials, pivots and live rollouts.
  • Defined technical roadmaps and designed solutions to meet business needs.
  • Researched, evaluated and implemented suitable technologies and 3rd party services.
  • Combined technical development with product design and business development.
  • Developed across the whole stack.


A collection of Testimonials, Recommendations, Reviews and Endorsements for myself, my work and my company.

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